About me

I’m a boy who doesn’t care of what is happening around, I just care about the feelings of myself. Somebody dying at the back seat? Let him.

If you’re seeing this profile then I’d like to have some words with you:

  • I swear to tell the truth, mostly..
  • I will happily oblige to all requests if they end with “pretty please”
  • I try to edit photos that I post first, unless when enhanced by another careless editor then I will innocently walk away and whistle.
  • I never make mistakes, ever.

I’m a person and stuff. Mostly person, sometimes stuff. Here are a few questions that I would ask myself if I were speaking to myself in the third person, not that I do that often, but this is what would happen if I was forced to.

Tell me about yourself?
I live in Emirates with useless stuff all around me. Don’t expect anything good from me. Whole details of me available for sale, insert you wallet in Drive A.

Are you honest and unbiased?
No. Inquire today about my competitive rates for biased opinions and news, discounts available for bulk purchases.

What sort of jokes do you get with your name?
“Long time no sees” is by far the most popular.

Let’s get in touch..
Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company and would like to send exciting products for review, a prince who has recently inherited great wealth, or even someone with a tip or insider information, feel free to contact me.

HisHighnessSajjad @Live @Gmail @Yahoo @Youtube


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