A final guide to get full screen and slide-QWERTY auto-rotate supported applications

Lots of phones in present days boast a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with touch-sensitive screen. The Java applications running on those phones, on sliding out the keyboard, don’t turn into landscape mode. It can often be observed that twenty per cent of the screen area gets covered by on-screen navigation buttons. After searching for days on this topic, I’ve finally come up with solution.

Download the application and open the .JAR file with WinRAR. Navigate to META-INF folder and open MANIFEST.MF file with notepad. At the very end of that file add the lines declared below:

X-Pax-Keyboard: Qwerty
X-Pax-TextInput-Hidden: true
MIDlet-Touch-Support: TRUE
MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE

Save it and WinRAR will ask you for confirmation, ahead you are intelligent enough what to do.

Please ask any questions in comments and share your experiences.