Facts about mobile broadband stated by a geek

A couple of days ago, I purchased mobile broadband for my phone because I’m like a free bird and can’t stay at one place to use WiFi Hotspot. Here the Internet on phone (without plan) is very expensive ($3.34 per megabyte) so this is the other factor I was forced to get a data plan. I’m feeling very comfortable now and this broadband is of great use. It’s fine for watching YouTube videos, preferably 360p, using IM and even for cheating in exam (just like what I did today). The speed is not too much though, but keeping in the view the other factors, I consider it as satisfactory.

Here are the facts that I’d like to provide you with:

  • Mobile websites are very low bandwidth consuming, means if you are a regular user, 100MB may ram up to your certain expectations.
  • The speed is fine to play YouTube videos; means watch some tutorials whilst waiting for green light to get lit.
  • Make sure you do not exceed the limit of your data plan because usage beyond the limit can be pricey.
  • Don’t use it abroad, or die like the rest.

I’d also like to suggest to you a data plan that you should get. If you are an IM’er, 20MB is more than enough. If you are a YouTuber, 50-100MB. If you’re a couch potato then simply get unlimited* data plan.

Please ask any question or share your experiences in comments. If I won’t reply then simply think that you’re not lucky yet.

*Although they state the plan is unlimited, yet some restrictions apply.